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Contingency Information 

MSD will post more than $500,000.00 as a contingency sponsor for the 2016 racing season. MSD contingency funds will be available to all those who win events while also fulfilling requirements such as racing class, logo placement, and reporting. Please click on a sanctioning body’s logo below to see further details on the contingency program that has been established for the given racing organization. Don’t see you sanctioning body listed here? Don’t give up! Check with tech at the races to see if MSD contingency covers the events.

For the 2016 racing season, all racers must use our new logos and decals in order to claim contingency. Samples are shown below and you can request the new decals.



PowerGrid Pro_Mag MSD_SConductro MSD_Starter

To be eligible for the share of the MSD contingency money, competitors must use one or more eligible MSD products. Competitors must display the proper MSD Contingency decals per their class or Painted-On logos. Paint-On logos must be exact duplicates of MSD Contingency decals (in size 4” x 9’, colors and lettering style) to be eligible for contingency money. MSD Decals or Paint-On logos must be displayed on both sides of the racecar through the entire event (STACKING decals is prohibited).


MSD MUST have a completed W9 form on file before any contingency check can be sent.

To get a W9 form, simply click

MSD wishes all the best of luck and safe driving to each and every racing competitor in the 2016 season and beyond.

For more information on the MSD Contingency Program contact MSD Dept. Racing Contingencies, 1490 Henry Brennan Dr., El Paso, TX 79936, or call (915) 857-5200.


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