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Counterfeit Boxes - Speedway Illustrated

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CounterFeitBoxCounterfeit 6AL boxes that reach the level of replication detail such as these examples could easily be passed as an authentic MSD product to the public. Likewise, whatever issues arise from the inferior performance of counterfeit boxes will reflect on MSD as well. Please be aware that units such as these are being circulated and contact MSD immediately if you believe you have found a counterfeit unit.

Thanks to Karl Fredrickson/Speedway Illustrated for the article.

Atomic EFI by MSD Now Shipping

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MSD is pleased to announce that the all new Atomic EFI is now shipping to speed shops and parts dealers from our El Paso, Texas facilities.

The Atomic EFI has been designed by MSD to replace outdated carburetors and to eliminate the hassle and frustration of tuning, gunked up bowls and jets, and rough running engines. Thanks to the great technology in the Atomic, you will never again need to worry about any of these. Instead, start the engine and go for an afternoon cruise like you wanted to.

Unlike other EFI options, the Atomic makes installation easy enough that you can do it in your own garage. The Atomic is designed so that installation will take less than a weekend. The unit needs only two external sensors so there is barely any wiring required. The self-learning system adjusts the tune automatically to make the most of your engine. Take off your carb, put on the Atomic, enjoy your ride.

Best of all, the Atomic walks a fine line in automotive beauty between modern technology and classic design so that it is sure to look great under your hood!

Purchase the Atomic EFI between January 1st and March 31st to get a free MSD 6A ignition!

To find more information on Atomic EFI’s great performance specs, get details on the free MSD 6A, or see just how easy installation truly is go to

Advanced RPM Control (ARC) Module Shipping!

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7761ARCThe highly anticipated Advanced RPM Control Module PN 7761 for the Power Grid is finally shipping! Make sure you update your Power Grid with the new update available here. This module will allow you to control excessive wheel speed in the event that engine/driveshaft rpm increases at an undesirable rate, the module will retard timing and/or rev limiting in order to prevent excessive wheel speed.

Welcome to 2012!

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2012Can you believe it's 2012? It will only be a few weeks before NHRA kicks off in Pomona and the Cup cars take to the track in Daytona. Although you guys up in the midwest still have a few more months of cold and snow to deal with, but that gives you plenty of time to fiddle with your hot rods and race cars to get them dialed in before pulling them out. Remember to inspect the cap and rotor and think about a fresh set of plug wires for the new season as these are items that do wear out!

KC Hilites/Glass Chiropractic takes Class 8 Championship!

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Congratulations to the KC Hilites/Glass Chiropractic racing team who recently raced the BITD Henderson 250 near Las Vegas, Nevada and took home the Class 8 Championship! The KC Hilites/Glass Chiropractic racing team uses MSD to keep the fire lit!

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