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Racing Tech Support



At racing events MSD techs have the ability to test ignition controls, distributors and Pro Mags with state-of-the-art equipment.

MSD's Race Support Semi is on the road and at the races! With a full schedule of events across the country, our new rig shows MSD's commitment to the racers and enthusiast that depend on MSD Performance components. Not only is the trailer a rolling warehouse of MSD parts, but it also serves as a state-of-the-art testing facility. 


The MSD graphics team gave the support semi a sharp new look for the racing season! Cruz Pedregon agrees! 

Did you know that MSD sends ignition experts out to races across the country almost every weekend? During the racing season, from late February all the way through November, MSD’s Racing Support vehicles travel around the country to automotive and racing events. We make sure to hit events with the NHRA, National Tractor Pull Association, IMCA Super Nationals, and more!

At the events MSD’s specialists are on hand to answer questions and assist racers with any MSD part. Along with being rolling parts warehouses, the technical trailers have a total of three test areas that include spin fixtures, signal generators, oscilloscopes, and every other tool needed to test any MSD product. There are pressurized chambers that can simulate extreme cylinder pressures for up to eight spark plugs.  Our pressure tests are as close to seeing a spark inside your running engine as possible! Ignitions and timing controls can be run on the bench and measured for output with a variety of new scopes and test equipment. So next time you're at a big racing event, look for the MSD Tech Support Semi. Be sure stop by and check out the latest ignition products, ask any questions you may have and take a look inside - after all, that's why we're out there!

2011 RSI (3)