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Official Concept Vehicle of MSD Ignition

The MSD-V is the latest concept vehicle from MSD Ignition. Starting with an ‘05 Cadillac CTS-V is indeed a head start since these are great performing cars from the factory. But, when our gearhead engineers and team at MSD get done with this one, look out. The MSD-V will capitalize on the modern muscle appearance and back it up with the late model performance technology of MSD and our aftermarket partners.

Not only is the MSD-V going to stand out flying the company colors, but it will also be packing a powerful punch! A supercharged 408 c.i. LS-2 based engine from Nickens Performance will be fired by MSD’s powerful Multiple Spark Coils through 8.5mm Super Conductor wires. To handle the timing and rpm demands of the 700-horsepower, the new 6LS Ignition Controller will be wired in for advanced control over the ignition curve, retards and rev limits.


To handle all of this new torque and horsepower, the MSD-V will be receiving a healthy dose of suspension and driveline upgrades from Hotchkis and BMR Fabrication. Of course, tires and wheels will be a huge consideration in both performance and the overall expression that the MSD-V emits. The car will be able to cruise to a track day or a drag strip for an afternoon of fun, yet still get you home or to the office. Late model performance is all about multi-tasking, and with the help of MSD’s technology and our aftermarket partners, the MSD-V will achieve all the goals.

Technology Teamwork

The MSD-V will be loaded with the latest ignition technology from MSD, along with the advanced components from our sister companies Racepak and Superchips. Racepak’s new G2X GPS based Data Logger will be installed with its display heads up so lap times and information can easily be recorded and reviewed during track days. Superchips and their partner, HP Tuners, will be instrumental in providing the performance calibration for the increased fuel and air demands of the blown 408 cubic inch power plant.


March 10
The tear down begins! Our crew already had the rear end assembly out and were starting on the engine. Wait'll you see the modifications they did to the gas tank to improve the fuel delivery for the blown 408! As they say at our sister company Superchips, Stay Tuned!

March 15
The stock LS-2 is now out of the MSD V awaiting its new Nickens Performance 408 c.i. LS-2 based engine.

March 16
With the LS-2 out of the MSD V, our crew decided to drop in a big block Chevy to see what she would look like. It fit like a glove, looking like a real street outlaw! Too bad it wont pass emissions much less be street legal. Our Procharged LS-2 should be just as potent while passing emissions and being stealthy in appearance.

March 21
Our new Nickens Performance LS-2 is almost ready to be dropped in the engine bay. The 408 cubic inch LS-2 will take a different tone once we strap on the Procharger.



April 3
The independent rear end gets fortified with suspension pieces BMR Fabrication.


April 6
Two weeks ago, we shot a couple pics of the V at Squeeg's Kustoms in Mesa, AZ before they applied the fresh red and black. The interior was completely gutted so Brian at Concept Works could dial-in our seats.




April 15
Handling the clutch duties is a heavy duty unit from McCleod.



 April 20
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the MSD team was mounting the ProCharger and getting 408 LS2 ready to drop back in between the fenders. We really need to thank the guys at Exotic Performance for their help in getting the right parts to fit the ProCharger under the hood.

We're scheduled to have the car back in El Paso for assembly and detail work by the end of the week.


May 4
Brian at Concept Works did a great job with our seats-the MSD V logo looks sharp!


 May 4
Squeeg's Kustoms did a very nice job on the paint! Now that its got the look, its time to drop the engine in and get it ready for Power Tour!


 May 11
We ended up having to notch the frame rail to clear the supercharger discharge tubing. Here it is all looking nice and pretty again.


Here is picture of our own custom intake for the supercharger as the one supplied in the kit bottomed out on the V's factory sheetmetal.


Here is Rick Bennett milling the intake to accept our custom fuel rails.


 With the motor back in the car, everything is falling into place.


The V is getting tune dialed in before it's departure to the 2006 Power Tour.


The satin black rims give the MSD V a menacing look!


Note the custom MSD billet brake master cylinder with MSD V logo.


 Here’s a view at the gorgeous Kooks headers mating up to the Corsa exhaust. You can also see the boost referenced Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator and filter down below.



Here's a view of the MSD Laser Gauges on the MSD V. The first one is a dual sweep boost/fuel pressuge gauge while the second one is an oil pressure/temperature gauge.


The Multi-Sparking Coils fire the boosted LS-2 effortlessly.


 The Procharger looks right at home in the MSD V!