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MSD Desert Dust Up Car Show!

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DesertDustUpMSDJoin us for our First Annual Dessert Dust-Up on April 24th! Show and Shine at 9am to 2:30pm. Dyno Pulls $50 entry, limited entries. Heads-Up Match Racing at the El Paso Motorplex from 7pm to 10pm. More information at:

PowerNationTV - Blunt Force Trauma

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PowerNationTV Make sure to tune into PowerNation TV Engine Power's "Blunt Force Trauma" episode as they feature MSD's Pro-Mag on a 640 cubic inch 429 Ford build! Show dates are Saturday April 4th at 8:30 AM ET on CBS Sports and Sunday April 5th at 9:30 AM ET/PT on Spike TV. Check your local listings for approximate times. Check'em out!

MSDP Merges MSD and Mallory Ignition

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In January of 2015, MSD Performance purchased the ACCEL Performance Group. The MSDP Group, a global leader in vehicle aftermarket performance ignition and tuning technology, made the decision to merge the top two companies in the automotive ignition industry worldwide—MSD and Mallory. Mallory will no longer manufacture its product line after March 31st. However, MSD will produce and service Mallory distributor replacement parts such as caps, rotors, points, and nearly 100 other items.

View the Complete List of Remaining Service Parts

 MSD will continue to offer the Mallory fuel products by transitioning to the MSD brand of products. Additionally, MSD will offer the repair of Mallory products and will honor all existing warranties. Beginning April 1, all Customer Service or Technical calls will be routed to El Paso through our toll free number, 800-246-0270.

View the Mallory to MSD Cross Reference

View the MSD/Mallory Merger Press Release

View Mallory Warranty and Repair Information

MSD First Annual Desert Dust-Up Show and Shine!

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CarShow2015Come join us April 24th for our First Annual Desert Dust-Up Show and Shine! This is going to be a fun-packed day at MSD headquarters with dyno pulls, food, games and cash prizes for best of show! To wrap up the day were heading to the El Paso Motorplex for some Heads-up Match Racing! Make sure to register here to get in on all the fun! Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the date!

48 Hour Corvette almost done!

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48HourCV The mad thrash to finish the 48 Hour Corvette has begun as its on its last day of the build. Check out the pictures we have posted on our Facebook to get a sample of the enormous task to get it done in 48 hours! The clock is ticking... Click on the image to the left to check the pictures out!
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