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MSD Ignition's 40th Anniversary!

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 2010 marks MSD’s 40th Birthday! To celebrate, we’re introducing a limited edition 40th Anniversary 6AL Ignition Control, but we also had an informal celebration in our shop that we thought we’d share with you. Check it out here -

MSD Ignition Product Registration-

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WireSetsRTW Make sure to register your MSD Ignition products for a monthly chance to win a free set of 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Plug Wires and an annual drawing for a complete ignition system! The annual drawing for a complete ignition system will be held December 5th, 2010. Thank you for your purchase of an MSD Ignition product – the number one name in ignition performance!   

Click here to register your product. We thank you for your time and again, for choosing MSD Ignition.

40 Years of Ignition!

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40yearsMSD   2010 marks the 40th anniversary for MSD Ignition! To commemorate our 40th anniversary, we’re offering a limited edition 6AL Ignition Control! The ignition, PN 6440, features our original logo cast into a special ignition housing and and offers the proven performance of a 6AL. Click here for more info on our 40th Anniversary MSD Ignition Control – they'll be available in February for a limited run only!

Follow along as we showcase some of the products that have revolutionized performance and racing from MSD Ignition:

 The most popular ignition control in the world. Thousands of engines are fired by the capacitive discharge, multiple sparks from the instantly recognized red MSD box.

 2m  MSD was the first to offer a CNC-machined billet aluminum distributor! Unmatched strength, stability and accuracy make the Pro-Billet line the industry standard.
 3m  The 7AL Ignition set the bar in drag racing and is still firing thousands of engines. High output and a line of useful timing and rpm controls gave racers the upper hand.
 4m  Raaaa-ta-ta-te-ta-ta- Raaaaaaaaa! The 2-Step Rev Limiter changed the way a car launches and sounds on the starting line. Racers still ‘put it on the chip’.
 5m  High performance engines need accurate trigger signals and the crankshaft is the best source. MSD engineers recognized this and developed a system that was easy to install and extremely accurate.
 6m  The first spiral core wire with low resistance yet high suppression capabilities gave racers the performance of solid core wires without Electro- Magnetic Interference issues.
 7m  No charging, advanced timing control and the awesome power of the Pro Mag 44 is why every top fuel dragster and funny car are equipped with two.
 8m  The Programmable 7-Series Ignitions opened a new window of tuning possibilities that has helped racers achieve ets and speeds that were impossible 10 years ago.
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