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Part number: 8210
Running redundant ignition systems gives you piece of mind during long races, but how do you swap the coil wire to the back up ignition? The MSD Autom (...)
Part number: 8211
To prevent voltage leaks in passenger compartment mounted coil installations, MSD designed the Firewall Feed-Thru. Molded from Rynite® and nylon, the (...)
Part number: 8213
The MSD Coil Bracket offers easy, univer­sal mounting for standard size ignition coils up to 2.25” in diameter. The Bracket uses a bolt and nut combin (...)
Part number: 8214
For use with an MSD Blaster Coil when connected to a stock points ignition system.
Part number: 8217
The MSD Coil Wire Retainer holds the boot securely in the coil. The lower portion of the retainer snaps around the body of the coil under the flange a (...)
Part number: 8870
This module goes between the factory GM ignition module and coils. It has color coded wires that connect to the DIS wiring and are molded using Dupont (...)