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Part number: 8201
The MSD Pro Power Coil is a great choice for short duration applications such as drag racing. The special windings of the Pro Power Coil have extremel (...)
Part number: 8222
In applications such as off-road, marine or other harsh conditions, the MSD Blaster High Vibration Coil is the best choice. The sturdy metal housing o (...)
Part number: 8240
Four tower high output coil designed exclusively for the MSD Programmable Midget Ignition.
Part number: 8250
The HVC Coil is designed exclusively for the HVC Professional Racing Ignition Control. The E-Core design of the HVC Coil is more efficient in producin (...)
Part number: 8251
Coils have always had to compromise voltage output against current output. More voltage increases the initial ionization of the spark plug gap, but lo (...)
Part number: 8261
The Pro Power HVC II Coil is completely built in-house so our engineers have exclusive control over their performance and qual­ity. The Coil utilizes (...)