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 MSD Ignition Controls are known throughout the world for their performance and reliability. There is an Ignition Control for every application including your daily driver, turbos and blown engines, circle trackers and even 200+ mph Pro Modified Cars. For more information, choose the application that best fits your needs:

Daily Driver:

For the first time and budget buildups, this section offers ignition upgrades for daily drivers and loaded work trucks.


This section addresses ignition controls for performance drivers, bracket racers, 4x4's and everything in between.

Drag Racing:

For engines that require incredible spark power to ignite exotic fuel combinations under high compression circumstances. Pro modifieds, pro stock, monster trucks, and pulling tractors will find their ignitions here.

Circle Track/Road Racing:

Ignitions for harsh racing applications such as stock cars, late models, modifieds, road racing, desert and off-road.

Distributorless Ignitions (DIS):

For Late model engines with distributorless ignition systems (DIS), we offer a variety of DIS Ignition's from street to racing units.