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Old 08-29-2013, 12:27 PM
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Default Grid Programming

Just bought a Power Grid system because I like the ability to control timing and rpm functions..
I have a digital 7 and really didnt use all of the functions available to me simply because I don't have the confidence in what I am doing.

I used the launch and start retard functions and was comfortable, but the shift and gear timing curve functions confused me so I didn't attempt to use them.

My suggestion is to either put in the forum as a sticky or in the included paper instructions step by step procedures to accomplish each feature.
I'm a person who likes to read the instructions then see it performed and lastly do it myself. Pretty idiot proof and it is the way the military trains (I am retired military) A step by step video would even be good if it was posted here in the forums.

I've found the Grid system has the least information available of any of the MSD systems. Information is scarce unless you want to read about how any engines have been destroyed by it, or how many spare systems you need to have on hand in order to race. Look at YB for proof of what I'm saying.

I still bought it because I think the issues are user related more than equipment. So some simple in depth training would be very helpful.



DC: By the way I know we can call for tech support and they will help. But sometimes showing something makes more sense.. I'm calling tech support now..
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