View Full Version : MSD Digital Retard box

07-14-2003, 10:29 AM
I have a Digital retard box connected to a full MSD system. 6AL, Blaster3, Spiral wires and MSD dist. All parts are new. With the retard box hooked up when running the motor upwards of 4K rpm the motor pops real bad through the exzauhst. With out the box it does not pop at all.

If I disconnect the Retad box the car will not start unless I advance the Distr big time. I usually have to pull the Dist and move it 1 tooth to get the car to fire. With the box hooked up I have to move the Distr back one tooth. If I don not move the Distru and I advance the timing as much as I can the car will start but the timing is off like 20degrees.

This is for a 351W and all the setting on the Retard box are set like the are suppose to be. Any help on this would be great.

Also if the box is bad can I sned it in for repair??


07-14-2003, 12:54 PM
I sounds like you have the magnetic pick up wires hooked backwards on the distributor. I know the connector goes in one way but double check the wires make sure they are on the correct location.
The distributor has a Blk/Violet and Blk/Orange, make sure that the Blk/Orange goes to the violet on the timing control and the Blk/Violet goes to the green on the timing control. If the wires are ok, check the distributor, there is a magnetic pick up inside, and there is also a magnet underneath the pick up, make sure that the magnet is not cracked, this can cause the timing to go off as much as 20 degrees. Let me know what you find.