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11-09-2006, 08:26 AM
Control Box 7530T
The documentation for this unit really is very poor.....

First where is the trace analysis box discussed?
What does the on button in trace analysis box do?
The x's in the boxes mean exactly what?
Is the trace analysis box just for viewing curves or does it actaully change how the 7530 is programmed?

Gear retard curves
What does active trace mean?
If it is not checked active does this mean that there is no curve programmed in?

Gear Retard 2
Gear retard tree says pt3
Point 3 is where?
Which plot?

What I want is after engine starts and car is not in gear I have a timing retard of about 20 deg. and lessens to 0 as RPM is brought up to 3000. Then I want gear 1 Retard curve when 12 v applied to blue wire and gear 2 retard curve applied at shift.

What I believe happens now is that after starting there is no retard as gear 1 curve is not active until blue wire has 12 v applied. Then I assume gear 2 curve is applied after 800 rpm drop at the shift point.

Timing light shows almost full advance at idle 1400 rpm in neutral and only spark retard if trans brake dark blue is active.

Am I correct?

11-09-2006, 07:08 PM
I understand your frustration with the instructions however the products are good. Once you get the hang of this unit you will be very happy with it's functions.

The trace analysis box: The left little box is where you select the traces that you wish to view on the screen. The right little box is for you to select the trace that you want to edit. Obviously you can look at many at the same time but you can only edit them one at a time. You will note that all retard curves are different colors. When you initially look at these curves you can only see one curve. This is because they are all superimposed over each other. The easist thing to do is to create a retard curve. To do this for gear one you would simply put an x in the right box for gear 1. The left box you would have a x in gear 1 or all gears. Remember the left box is for viewing the right box is for edit.

Then find a spot on the graph at say 3000rpm and 10 degrees. Right click on the mouse. Then pick "add dot". move along a bit and do another. You have now created a retard curve. From this point you should understand what to do. By selecting a range of dots to suit your engine requirements you can easily create a retard curve for each gear. If you want an advance curve you just start with the crank trigger advanced and use the retard curve to have the desired low speed timing. Then you reduce the retard as the engine speed increases.

Of course you have to save this to a file and transfer it to the 7530T unit mounted in the car. There are more instructions in the help file (f1). Do what I did and print the whole package for your unit. Use it in conjunction with the instructions. Yes the supplied information could be improved.

11-14-2006, 08:30 AM

Due to the complexity of the product and the number of questions you have I would recommend calling us at 915-857-5200 so we can cover all of this with you. As comp-plus mentioned the help section of the software actually has better instructions then the supplied paper instructions.


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