View Full Version : Want to use RPM/TIME/Pressure to activate step retard on 7531

11-06-2006, 07:28 PM
I called the tech line and talked with 'Joe' about using the Launch retard feature and realized that when you engage the transbrake(supply 12 volts to dark blue wire) that it will cause the car to launch with the retard value(40 degrees total - 15 degrees retard = 25 degrees on the transbrake). I run 40 degrees advance and want to retard the timing 15 degrees for about 1 second, but I want to leave the line at 40 degrees and then retard the timing after about a .1 to .5 seconds depending on the track and my car's setup. I figured I would be able to use the RPM/Time/Pressure switch to help with this setup. I would like to wire in a 30amp relay and provide a ground to this relay and use the relay to supply 12 volts to the Step 1 retard wire. I need to know what settings to change in the tree and if anyone has any suggestions on doing this. Thanks Mike Ellisor

11-07-2006, 08:34 AM

You will need to switch the time/pressure/RPM switch to time so you can activate the relay as needed. You will need to have the relay supply the step retard with 12 volts when the time function activates. This way you can control the relay by time.


MSD tech4