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10-15-2003, 07:37 PM
Hello again. Another question for you. Again the same setup as before, 91 Z28 5.7L 6AL Ignition, Boost retard.

When I first bought these parts I also ordered a 8366 Distributor. Once in place, the RPMS would increase at a very slow pace. I sent it back to Summit and got a new one, same thing. I ended up breaking off the gear (how I could not tell you) around the second day it was in, so again, got another one sent from Summit, still the same problem.

I drop the stock distributor back in, walla! The car runs fine. Put MSD back in, crap, Stock, runs fine. So I'm still running my stock distributor.

Any ideas on why this may be?


10-16-2003, 03:04 PM

You are using a timing light when your putting the new distributor in right? There should not really be any major performance issues with the 8366, we market it as a direct replacement so the module is basically equivalent to the factory one. the pick up and shaft assemble is better over all creating a more stable timing mark through the RPM range. Make sure you are setting the timing with a standard non adjustable timing light, with the spout connector out and see what happens. If the performance seems different, try the stock module in our distributor and see if the performance comes around. If it does let me know and we can send you out a new module.


MSD tech4