View Full Version : 1987 Gm Truck 305 Tbi

10-06-2003, 09:38 PM
I have a 1987 Chevrolet truck with a stock throttle body 305 V-8. I would like to upgrade the ignition to distibutor 8366, coil 8226, and super conductor wires. My question is, would this be a good upgrade? What are the advantages over stock? Do you reccommend a different spark plug or plug gap for this ignition system on a stock motor? This truck is just a daily driver, not a hot rod, so do you think it still would be a good idea to upgrade?

Also, what would be the advantages of an ignition box for this system?


10-08-2003, 04:10 PM
Being a stock set up, I might recommend the MSD box like the 6A part number 6200 over the distributor. The distributors main benefits is better more accurate triggering which will result in a much more stable timing mark through the entire RPM range. Being a stock application if the distributor you have is in good shape the gains will be more noticeable with the MSD box. The box and coil combination will produce a more spark energy in the cylinder which will in turn increase fuel burn. By increase the ability to burn more fuel you will normally increase performance, mileage, throttle response, starting and over all driveability. The amount seen will very from application to application. We also offer a plug in harness for this set up part number 8876 which will allow for a splice free installation.
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