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09-30-2003, 06:15 PM
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the digital sci + was recommended for the leading plugs (1 trigger, two coils). I have also been recommended the digital -6 plus for this same application. Which would be the best for my application??

Also I want to upgrade my leading coils, what would be the most effecient method of doing this?? Using two coils and wireing them in parralell. Or is there a higher performance coil setup that your would recommend??

Please feel free to elaborate, on why, I'd like to understand what the difference would be.

(I'm only upgrading the leading plugs, I want the maximum spark possible)

09-30-2003, 06:20 PM
Also I am using a aftermarket ecu, so the timing control will not be used. (I will probably use the rev limiter though) If that helps

10-03-2003, 02:56 PM
The only difference between the SCI Digital, and the Digital 6 is that the Digital 6 has the high end rev limit and low-end limit. The SCI only has the low-end limit; the specs between both are the same. If the ECU has a high-end rev limit, then you can use the Digital SCI to control the low-end limit.
If swapping coils, use the PN 8207 Coils and connect in series, when connecting in parallel you will lose more energy since the voltage is split between both coils, if connect in series voltage is going through the first and then to second to minimize wasted voltage.