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09-22-2003, 01:16 AM
I bought your Ignition #6520, Distributor #8570, and coil #8252, along with the harness #8860. I also purchased the book: MSD Ignition wiring diagrams and tech notes.
When connecting the distributor to the ignition coil, the harness is green and violet on the #6520 and violet and orange on the #8570. When matched together with the #8860, one side is violet/orange connects with green/violet. Is this correct? The directions don't specify what colors should match. Why doesn't violet/violet match?
On the directions for the #6520, it states do not use a digital or dial back timing light. Why? I have a Snap-On digital timing light with a RPM gauge. What timing light am a suppose to use that also tells RPM? Thanks for your help. Tom

09-22-2003, 10:07 AM
The distributor does not connect to the coil, the 6520 are what will connect to the distributor through the 2-wire connector, and the violets do not go together. The violet from the 6520 will go to the orange/black on distributor and green goes to violet/black on distributor. This is the way the pick-ups were made and are similar to the Ford Duraspak pick-ups.
The reason we do not recommend a digital timing light or dial back is that the MSD unit can interfere with the electronic components of the timing light and give false readings or in some cases will not trigger properly. The recommended timing light is a standard non-dial back or digital. If checking total timing, it is recommended to use a timing tape on the balancer and if checking RPM either use an aftermarket tach or connect to the tach output of the MSD Unit.