View Full Version : 7al3 Cutout

09-21-2003, 07:02 PM
Have a 7al3 system, crank trigger, pro power coil that sometimes cuts out going up the track. Car was all new this year and having trouble on and off since first race. Originally we switched parts...coil...box...pickup and finally changed trigger wire from box to crank trigger to a shielded cable and founf the terminals were loose and black, corrected that and all seemed well for a month or so, also checked wiring and recorded voltage drop to box on a "bad" run and it was ok. Also added extra ground to box, moved trigger wire away from all other wiring. past 3 weeks problem has become more pronounced, yesterday it was every run. Second run the car wouldn't start in the lanes....coil went bad, replaced hoping for the best, that pass the launch step of the box quit working (all wiring to it is good also) so I rewired it to the burnout control. I am now replacing ALL wiring terminals and soldering them again just to be safe. Any suggestions beside a faulty box if this doesn't solve my concern?? Any help would be appreciated.


09-22-2003, 09:34 AM
It seems that you have gone through everything in the wiring, the only thing is that if you have a bad connection, but you will probably fix by rewiring and soldering all connections. If the problem still persist, and the launch control does not work, this would indicate a problem with the MSD 7AL-3. Double check the launch control by applying 12 volts to this manually to activate, if it does not work go ahead and send in for repair.