View Full Version : MSD-8782 Compatibility

07-03-2003, 11:37 AM
Hi there:
I have a Holley Strip Anihilator CD ignition system triggered by
conventional points. I want a couple of degrees of retard for a single
hit of nitrous at high revs. My Holley has no high speed retard feature
but I want to keep the system as it's cool. Would the MSD-8782
Universal Adjustable Timing Module be compatible? Would the instructions show how to connect it in?
Thanks: Mike

07-07-2003, 10:16 AM
If the Holley has a points input the PN 8782 will work fine, although it will not have a diagram on how to connect to the Holley. This would not be the best unit for a single stage of retard using nitrous. This timing control will only retard timing by a turn of a knob. The unit that you would rather have is the PN 8982 which has a single stage of retard for nitrous. This unit will activate the retard at the same time you activate the nitrous. The instruction will not show connecting to a Holley, but it will show connecting to an MSD 6 Unit using points. If the Holley has the same color code wires as the MSD Unit, you should be able to connect the PN 8982.