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09-13-2003, 11:41 PM
Hi. i HAVE A 1998 aCURA iNTEGRA gs (NON V-TEC)

I have sent in an e-mail but haven't gotten a reply and i dont have very much time. I am planing on going turbo and i know i will need a better ignition system for that. my question is. Does the SCI digital's retard work for bost application. ie. as boost goes up so does the retard. Also what is better the digital 6 plus or the SCI digital plus for turbo applications. I already have the MSD distributor cap and MSD blaster coil 2. I was thinking of going with the SCI digital plus with an HVC coil. Please let me know what is the best combo for my purpose.

summary of questions:
1. whats the best combo (coil and amp) for a turbo integra
2. Should i remove the amp and coil for winter driving and put my old distributor cap and coil back in
3. i hear you have problems with the digital 6, do any of these same problems occur in the SCI?
4. does the retard feture work for turbo pressure?
5. whats the difference between the digital 6 and the SCI

I really appreciate your help with my questions and sorry about the long post.

09-14-2003, 09:17 PM
The MSD Digital 6 and the Digital SCI both have a single stage of retard. A wire that can be attached to a pressure sensor or a nitrous solenoid must activate the retard stage. The Digital 6 and the SCI units are very similar in function. The main differences are the color, calibration (Digital 6 is set for 8 cyl and the SCI for 4 cyl), and the rev limits. If you are looking for a boost retard function that is based on boost pressure then I would check out the MSD 6BTM (Boost Timing Master). This unit can be set so that it retards the timing from 0-3 degrees per pound of boost. If you set it on 2, and you are making 6 pounds of boost then the timing will progressively retard up to 12 degrees at full boost. As for the coil, I would use the MSD Blaster SS, PN 8207.

Here is some info on the MSD 6BTM.

MSD Tech1

09-14-2003, 09:42 PM
i want the extra functions of the digital sci plus, so is there a add on item that will let me control retard in comparison to boost pressure? Also is the ss coil the best for the sci digital plus or whats a better coil for street/strip use.

09-15-2003, 01:15 PM
The add on piece is the PN 8762 BTM for the 6 Series units. The Blaster SS Coil will be good for up to 15 PSI, if going higher I would recommend the HVC II Coil, PN 8253.