View Full Version : MSD Cam sensor?

06-19-2003, 10:51 AM
Need to mount/install a cam sync sensor on a Kawasaki motorcycle which is being converted from stock carbs to EFI. Sensor is required to enable sequential operation.

Was told that MSD has a sensor and was wondering if it might be possible to adapt it for my application. Does it read off of the cam lobe or is a trigger wheel needed??




06-19-2003, 05:49 PM
MSD offers a cam synchronization pickup kit that may work for your application. I am not familiar with your EFI system so it will depend on what input your system is looking for as to whether this kit will work for you. The FDP Motorcycle Cam Sync Kit, PN 15-60-0520 comes with a Non-Magnetic Pickup (.500 diameter by 1.250 long) and a small magnet (.250 Diameter by .200 tall). The magnet has to be installed on the camshaft in relation to number 1 cylinder so that the magnet passes by the magnetic pickup to generate a signal. You can see a picture of the pickup on the FDP website at www.factorydirectperformance.com

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