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09-11-2003, 03:23 PM
I have a 1967 GTO, it is an all original unmolested survivor. I have owned it for 2 years, and one of the things I did was to get rid of the points. I installed the Pertronix Ignitor. The one I installed is the Lobe sensor version. The one annoying thing is I have to wait 3-5 sec before cranking the car for it to start correctly. I assume this to allow the Hall effect device to project the full magnetic field, to pick-up the lobes on the distributor shaft. I have heard a lot of bad feedback on the Pertronix as far as the units failing, and this is making me nervous. I want the car to be dependable and not have to worry about being stranded when heading to a cruise nite or car show. The car is not a race car, so a high performance ignition is not a priority, but long term dependability and original looks are.

I have had also some bad experiences with your company also..... but that was a long time ago. I once owned a 88 Mustang GT which I installed a 6A box in, the box only lasted about a year and died on me, this has me hesitant to reinvest myself in your product. So the questions I have for you are:

Was I just unlucky with my 6A box 12 years ago, or were you having quality issues back then, and they are now corrected?

I am leaning on your new Ready-To-Run Pontiac drop in distributor, would this be a good choice?

Thanks for your help

Troy Gratt

09-11-2003, 11:50 PM
I cannot tell you what caused the failure on your MSD 6 Series Ignition that you owned in the past. Did you ever send the unit in to be repaired? Generally we can pretty much tell what the cause of the failure was if we are able to inspect the unit. Our normal return rate for MSD 6 Series Ignitions is less than 1% and a large majority of those are customer induced failures that are caused by reversing the power leads, damaged coils, poor connections or severely corroded wires, etc. As with any electronic component, we also have components that fail unexpectedly and we closely look at all of these very closely to see if we can improve upon the current design or component to alleviate those types of failures. I am very comfortable in recommending the MSD 6 Series Ignition to our customers. As for the Ready-To-Run Distributor, that is quite a bit different then the MSD 6 Series Ignition. The MSD 6 Ignition is a Capacitive Discharge (CD) multi-spark ignition were as the Ready-To-Run Distributor uses an inductive type ignition. It is hard to compare the two types of ignitions because the CD Ignition uses many more components than the inductive ignition and works on a completely different type operation. The Ready-To-Run Distributors have been very reliable and are designed to be very simple to install. It on has three wires to hook up, two go to the coil and one goes to ground. If you haven't sent your 6A in to be checked out, please go ahead and do that so that we can at least let you know what has failed on the unit.

MSD Tech1

09-12-2003, 07:41 AM
Ok.... no offense , but read my post a little closer....

I had the 6A ..... 12 years ago.... I was just giving you a past experience, not asking you to defend yourself..... forget about the 6A

I know the Ready-to-Run is not a high energy ignition..... if you read my question..... you would realize.... that wasnt what I was asking......

I was more asking your opinion if I was heading in the right direction with the Ready to Run, for what I am looking to get out of my car.....

09-14-2003, 09:29 PM
You asked the questions, and I answered them. If you want a simple answer then my opinion is to run the Ready-To-Run Distributor!

MSD Tech1