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09-11-2003, 02:10 PM
How much hp. does a 12, versu, 20, versus 44 use at 8000 rpm. Is the difference between a MSD Mag 20 versus Msd 10 Plus, just the hp. used. Lets say we have a static 11.8 to one compression, 526 BAE hemi, with 70% overdrive and a max. limit of 8:71 Hi-Helix in a 4 engine modified pulling tractor. I like the MSD 10 Plus, but the team thinks the Mag 20 is the best. Running 2 deep cycle Marine batteries is not a problem. We are currently using Mag 12's, and have had zero problems with plugs, or dropped cylinders.

So as the subject said. How much ignition is adequate for the afore mentioned motors.

Allen Childs CPPT-Tech