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09-10-2003, 05:15 PM
was running my boat last week stopped to change drivers,motor loaded up on fuel while idleing and died(just made a hard pass) anyway was cranking it over,longer than i should have been and the ground wire that connects to the housing itself on the MSD unit started melting the insulation off.the wire i used was only 14ga and was not connected directly to battery but to a plate that was connected to motor block.i disconnected hot lead right then.no other wires were affected.and have not had any previous problems.did the wire burn up from being to small , cranking to long ,bad ground conection or all of the above.opened box cannot smell or or see any evidence on circut boards or internal wires that any internal damage was done. with all this said do you think it is safe to rewire ground with 10ga and try.

09-10-2003, 10:24 PM
The MSD 7ML-2 uses 12 gauge wire for the positive and negative power leads. All other wires are 18 gauge. Any time that you extend a wire past its original length you should go at least one gauge size large to prevent increased resistance in the wire. I would suggest going to a 10 gauge wire on your apllication. Also, if the ground wire became that hot, you may have a direct short some place. Make sure you check all your connections very closely and look to see if the ground wire did not short to 12 volts.

MSD Tech1