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Kevin Garceau
09-08-2003, 10:25 AM
I had something strange occur lately with my car. I had a coil go bad ( cracked ) just worn out. I replaced it no problems. But about that time I have been having a helluva time getting the car to start. It always started fine till about 2 races ago. It has now chewed up 4 starters. I put a good one on it and it seems to be holding up much better. It spins it over without the ignition on with no problems. I have a 446 cid dodge motor. It is 15.38:1 compression. I run methanol. The problems comes when I turn the ignition switch on from my 7al-3 it turns over very hard and kicks back all the time. I have checked the timing and it is correct at 34 degrees. I have checked it with 2 different lights. I have hooked up and unhooked the start retard with no differences. It will eventually start but it sounds awful doing so. I have noticed no performace drops once its been running. I dont know how to describe the starting of it but it spins over then kind of a clunk where you can almost hear it fight itself. I have one more IHRA divisional this weekend. I am currently in second place for IHRA in the 10.90 class. I was wondering if there is anything I can check, look for that may be causing this hard start.

09-08-2003, 12:10 PM
I would check rotor phasing in the distributor, or even any slop in the distributor gear or valve train. If not using any of the stage retards of the 7AL-3, make sure to install either a 0 degree or have them grounded, only on the ones that you are not using. The ones that are being used make sure it is grounded as well.

Kevin Garceau
09-09-2003, 08:41 AM
Well I disconnected the start retard and the thing works like a charm. I had disconnected it previously and it still had trouble starting. It may have been the starter going bad at that time which led me to believe that it wouldnt matter.

New starter and no start retard works great!

Now I got to go and hold on to my IHRA number 2 ranking. Speaking of that. I see contingency posted by IHRA but on the forms the few times there wasnt an MSD box to check. I dont think, what do I need to do or whom do I need to contact about this?

09-09-2003, 11:44 AM
MSD Contingency programs are availabe at all IHRA and NHRA National Events held during the current year. Below is the information on the IHRA Contingency program for 2003.

MSD IHRA Contingency Awards Program 2003

NATIONAL EVENTS: MSD Ignition is excited to be posting over $80,000 as an IHRA major sponsor for the 2003 season. MSD contingency funds will be available at each IHRA National Event and Bracket Finals for the winner using an MSD Ignition Control or Pro Mag system!

Winners in Top Fuel , Top Fuel Harley, Pro Modified, Funny Car and Pro Stock will be eligible for $500.00 for using one of two products (MSD Ignition or Pro Mag system* or systems*). Winners in Top Sportsman, Top Dragster, Super Stock, Stock, Quick Rod, Super Rod, Hot Rod, and Top Stock will be eligible for $300.00 for using one of two products (MSD Ignition or Pro Mag system*or systems*). Winners in ET will be eligible for $100.00 for using one of two products (MSD Ignition or Pro Mag system* or systems*) and Runners-ups in ET classes are eligible $50.00. Runners-ups in all other classes are eligible $100.00.

SUMMIT BRACKET FINALS: Winners in Top ET, Modified ET and Super ET will be eligible for $200.00 for using one of two products (MSD Ignition or Pro Mag system* or systems*), Runner-ups are eligible $100.00. Winners in Motorcycle will be eligible for $100.00 for using one of two products, (MSD Ignition or Pro Mag system*), and Runner-ups are eligible $50.00. Junior dragster will be eligible for $50.00 for using one of two products (MSD Ignition or Pro Mag system*) and Runners-ups are eligible $25.00. Winners in Team Champ will be eligible for $100.00 for an MSD Ignition system. And all Runners-ups are eligible $50.00.

To be eligible for the share of the MSD contingency money, competitors must use an MSD ignition or Pro Mag system*. Competitors must display the proper MSD Contingency Decals (MSD Ignition or MSD Pro Mag*) or Painted-On logos.

* Pro Mag System is a Generator, Points Box and Coil.

MSD Tech1