View Full Version : Abandon the Optispark

07-02-2003, 11:19 AM

New member here. I have a 95 LT1 engine and I want to trash the Optispark. The Optispark acts as a cam sensor, crank trigger and distributor and just happens to be located in the worst possible location on the engine. I want to keep the existing EFI system but use a different ECM and ignition system. MSD now has the new CPC ignition system and thought this might be the way to go. I will get my existing intake drilled :) to except the distributor plug (this can be done!) and I should be on my way. Any input or suggestions would be most appreciative.


07-14-2003, 12:01 PM
There are many variables that you will need to consider before all the pieces can be put together for your project. You will need to contact the manufacturer of the ECM you are planning on using and find out what they will require for an input signal and whether their system will work with the existing fuel system components. If you get that figured out then the next hurdle will be to figure out how to get the MSD CPC Systems cam sync plug into the engine, mount the Crank Trigger System, coils and the ignition power and the digital control units. You will have to plan this out very carefully to make it all work.

MSD Tech1