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08-28-2003, 09:21 AM
Urgent MSD Help!
Hey guys, here I go again.

Over the last three weeks I have replaced my MSD Box twice, new vibration proof MSD Coil, New Starter switch, New kill switch, new additional ground connections w/ 00 gauge battery ground cable. Again last night I went out to start my Cobra an my starter spins like crazy but it will not fire. So (again) I got out my circuit tester and yep, I am not getting any fire to my coil.

What am I missing? I am tired or replacing parts that probably are not bad. Again here is what I have:

MSD FE Distributor w/ MSD 8.5 mm plug wires
MSD 6AL Ignition mounted above my passenger foot box
MSD Black Vibration Proof Blaster Coil
Battery Kill Switch , Elec Fan Switch, Elec fuel pump switch, and my high and low beam switch also mounted on my dash) all connections are secure and do not shorting out with anything else
MSD Shift light (wired to the ign switch that is getting fire because it lights up when I turn on the key)
I am also using the white wire from my 6AL box for my kill switch

The only two things I have not replaced yet is my distributor and my solenoid. Shut down is normal eg: let eng come to idle turn off key, turn off fuel pump, fan and battery cut-off switch.

Could a faulty distributor interrupt the current to my coil? What else can I check?

Quick response would be greatly appreciated. Leaving for Road America next Wednesday.

Thanks for any suggestions,

08-28-2003, 09:58 AM
Here is the test that can be performed to find out where the problem is at, this will narrow down why you are not getting spark. This test has to be done when the vehicle does not want to start. If you perform this test and you do get spark, then test the distributor with an ohm meter, the resistance should be between 500 to 1200 ohms, if it is open this would indicate a bad pick up in the distributor.

Magnetic Pickup Trigger:
If you are using the 2-Pin Magnetic Pickup of the MSD to trigger the ignition, follow these steps.

1. Make sure the ignition switch is in the Off position.

2. Remove the coil wire from the distributor cap and position the terminal so it is approximately 1/2" from a good ground.

3. Disconnect the MSD Magnetic Pickup connector from the distributor.

4. Turn the ignition to the On position. DO NOT CRANK THE ENGINE.

5. With a small jumper wire, short the Green and Violet magnetic pickup wires together then pull the jumper off. Each time the short is removed a spark should jump If spark is present, the ignition is working properly.
If there is no spark:

A. Inspect all of the wiring.

B. Substitute another coil and test again. If there is now spark, the coil is at fault.

C. If there is still no spark, check to make sure there is 12 volts on the small Red wire from the MSD when the key is in the On position. If 12 volts are not present, find another 12 volt source and repeat the test.

D. After inspecting the test procedures and inspecting all of the wiring, there is still no spark, the Ignition is at fault. See the Warranty and Service Page for Information.