View Full Version : Wires for my magnetic pickup 6a ignition

08-18-2003, 06:36 PM
Hi, i have a 1971 mustang with a 302 and i have recently installed a 6a ignition box running to my msd billet distributor #8572 with a #8880 wiring harness and i was wondering what wires should go where on my distributor. The wires coming from my distributor are violet with black and the other wire is orange with black. The wire that is violet and black running from my distributor to the wiring harness is connected to the green wire from the wiring harness and the orange and black wire from the distributor is running to the wiring harness and connected to the violet wire fro mthe wiring harness. Is this correct? Or should i reverse it? I want to get your opinion so i dont ruin my distributor or ignition box. Could this be the reason why it is rolling over and not starting? Because i a have already had to buy a msd coil and i had to get a voltage meter to check to make sure the hot wire from the ignition was above 7 volts which it is. I have been experimenting trying to get this to work for a week! Please HELP ME ! !!! !!

08-18-2003, 10:23 PM
The Black/Violet wire from the distributor should be hooked to the Green wire on the MSD 6A Ignition. The Black/Orange wire from the distributor should be hooked to the Violet wire on the MSD 6A Ignition. The engine will start whether they are reversed or not. The correct position for the wires is the one that gives you the most retarded timing. Also, the small gauge MSD Red wire should have 12 volts on it, not 7 volts.

MSD Tech1