View Full Version : Help me with my Ignition/Distributor problems

08-15-2003, 09:42 PM
Hi, i feel stupid right now for asking this question but, i am having problems with my 6a igntion box and my billet distributor #8572 in my 1971 mustang convertible that has a 302 windsor. I have it wired 2 wires to battery-2 wires to coil- and i have a wire to the magnetic pickup of distributor from my igntion is this only for cars with tachs? And I have the red wire running to the 12 volt wire that is hot when the key is turned. And i am not using the white wire. I have the distributor perfectly set to the first cylinder in the firing order and that is all set. I have the spark plug wires correctly set up. The engine turns over and seems and sounds like it is in perfect sequence and it really wants to start but, It doesnt. It back fires everyonce and a while but i know thats just becasue i have to advance my timing when i get it running. I think it may be my coil that is doing this (a Flamethrower from petronix) or could it be a bad rotor or distributor cap?
I have bought the igntion box used but it is in perfect working order(i think) and i also bought the distributor used. But they both seem to be working fine! But, there is one other clue i would like to give you. My coil is wired correctly from the ignition box but, for some reason when i took the spark plug wire off of the coil the spark was jumping from the positive side to the negative side and the negative side was jumping to the positive side. I am getting a spark in all my wires but it isant very powerful and there is only a spark in the wire about every second. I have been told it should be hitting a lot more then that. Can you please help me? I have a trip to the drag strip scheduled for Sunday! Thanks Al Cassera

08-18-2003, 09:45 AM
Please see previous post under Troubleshooting.