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9psi EB
08-08-2003, 01:57 AM
Hi all,

Im putting an MSD 6T that I just got hold of in my Aussie Ford.
Its running EEC-IV & TFI, and currently has the factory ford coil.

Can i retain the factory coil (and leads, rotor etc) with the MSD in the short term until I get around to upgrading the coil and leads. The leads are also genuine motorcraft items.
The coil, rotor and dizzy cap and leads are only around 20,000 km's old ( i dont know what that is in miles probably around 12,000 ?).

Will I have any problems using the factory coil with the MSD 6 in the short term (ie will it burn out, damage the MSD, overheat, crack?)

Also would it be ok running the std leads for a while? They do run parallel to each other, but no two consective ones in the firing order are next to each other. They are in good condition.

You can view an underbonnet pic here: http://www.mechanicalforums.com/files/underbonnet.jpg

Basically to change the rotor, dizzy cap and leads, the blower needs to be removed, so i might as well replace the TFI module at the same time, which may be a few months down the track. It is a fairly big job.

Thanks in Advance

08-08-2003, 11:23 AM
Nice picture! Yes you can run the MSD with your factory equipment. As long as they are in good working condition everything should work fine until you have time to change them out.

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