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10-27-2004, 12:31 PM
Do you have printed step by step instructions on how to use the program.i bought the controller and got the 2.33 version with it and also downloaded the 3.0 v off the website.all that comes up on my screen is the launch retard and running curve graphs,the tach at lower left,editor notes mid left,and one other thing above that.so heres what ive got,BBC,blower,NOS,Dist not locked out-(DO I NEED TO ?),MSD-7AL, IN A BOAT not a car,i just want to set boost retard,NOS retard and if i need to lock out Dist i guess running retard if not i leave that alone,right now i am running 36 degrees total, need to be i believe at 26-28 total with NOS and boost retard? i am presently using the MSD 8762-TBM to retard timing and tried hooking up the MSD-8980 for NOS retard along with the TBM,but got 2 different versions on that hookup, would not retard when i hit the button one way,wouldnt even fire the other so my frustration level is kinda goin up. I just want to get something goin,Ive been doing the phone thing but that really is not working you guys are really to busy to spend much time on the phone and i do understand that believe me. so lets try it this way.Thanks for your help Dan

10-27-2004, 03:20 PM
If you're just going to be using the 8977 for retarding the timing for a nitrous setup and when you're under boost, you don't have to lock the distributor out. If you were going to use the run curve, you would then need to lock the distributor out. If you look under the "help" section of the software when you bring it up, it will give you all of the explanation you'll need to program the unit. The "help" icon is right next to the "view", "transfer", "file", ect. when you open up the graphview.