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08-05-2003, 08:20 PM
Hi All,

I recently have been having problems with the Offroad 6 Ignigtion setup I installed a few months ago. Sometimes the engine cranks forever without starting up. Sometimes it'll start up, but die immediately, while other times it will run for some time after the engine starts, but cut off at some random point later. I've got the Ignition installed in a 1997 Jeep Cherokee with a 4 Liter 6 cylinder engine. I checked the power conenctions to the icnition control box, but haven't checked the other 2 wires (The smaller red and white ones), because they're a pain in the a** to get to. Could those wires be loose and causing the problem? Or is there something else I should check?


08-05-2003, 10:11 PM
No help to offer but, I am running the same box and I am having the same problems, intermittently it will die, sometimes it will start back up, sometimes I have to let it sit for awhile. I am getting 12V to the trigger wire, I have good connections to hot and ground and my coil and dizzy connections are good.

I bypassed the MSD and no probs....I pulled the box tonight and it was almost too hot to hold?? Any ideas?

08-06-2003, 06:09 PM
How old are the units that you have? The unit will get warm to the touch, but you should be able to touch it. Are they mounted near a high heat source like an exhasut manifold? Connection issues could cause the problem that you described. The red wire will shut the unit down if 12 volts is lost to that wire. The White will also do the same if the input signal is not present. As a test, when the vehicle quits or is hard to start, check the voltage on the small gauge MSD Red wire to see if 12 volts is there. Also check it while cranking the engine to see if it is very low. Sometimes an easy way to check for loose connections is to start the engine and then grab each wire seperately and wiggle them around to see if the engine quits running or misses a beat. What coil are you running with the unit?

MSD Tech 1

08-06-2003, 10:52 PM
My warranty was up end of May so mine is 14 months or so old, but only has 1-2 k miles on it, as this is a trail rig only. I am running a pertronix flamethrower coil (1.5 Ohms) and a mag pick (ignitor) up so I am not using the white wire to trigger.

I measured 12V on the red trigger wire when dead and while cranking.
I am using the same trigger wire to bypass the MSD no problems. I have heavy gauge red direct to battery and ground to the block...

I have mine mounted on the inner fender, away from the manifolds, last night I was running with the hood open, and it was signicantly hotter than the fender wall and anything around it, didn't seem like heat soak...but who knows.


08-07-2003, 12:36 AM
You should have seen some voltage difference on the red wire from when it first quit and when you were cranking the engine. The starter should have pulled the voltage down at least some when the engine was being started. Did you see any difference between the two measurements, and if so what where your two voltage readings? When you say "Mag Pick (Ignitor)" I am not sure if I understand what you have. A magnetic pickup is a device that generates a voltage when a steel pole (reluctor) passes by it. The magnetic pickup connects directly to the MSD through the violet/green wires and does not require an ignitor to trigger the MSD. An ignitor is a coil driver device that can also be connected to the MSD to trigger it. An ignitor is always hooked to the White wire on the MSD. I am curious as to what is causing your problem, so I am trying to eliminate as many possibilities as possible. Please clerify the above questions for me and I will try to come up with some more ideas for you.

MSD Tech1

08-07-2003, 05:39 PM
your right, there should be some drop, I know I was getting voltage however.

The mag pick up I am referring to is called an "ignitor" it is not made by MSD, it does connect to the MSD through the purple and green wires.

Typically when a box fails is it complete and sudden?

08-07-2003, 10:43 PM
I am still confused on the "ignitor" part that you are using. If it is a Pertronix piece, then it normally would hook to our MSD White wire to trigger the unit. Please give me more details on that so I can try to help you further on this. Generally when a box fails it is complete. Most of the time when an intermittant problem occurs it is caused by a loose connection, shorted wire, magnetic pickup failure or noise issue.

MSD Tech1