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08-03-2003, 10:12 PM
I have just received my second bad timing control box. The first was a Multi-Channel Boost Retard Control PN 6562 I ordered when the MSD Tech recommended the unit for a Drag car running a 6t.

I told him i had a bad rev control in the 6t he told me the new controler would have it's own rev control. (WRONG) The 6252 uses the rev circut that the rev chip plugs into.

So i then figure I just threw $380 into a timing control and it won't control the revs. I then decide to go ahead and get a new 6al to use with this box. This would give me rev control as my 6t box with the add on soft touch control wasn't working (rev control only) But MSD tech couldn't make a call which one was not working the rev box or the main ignition.

Now wait you just can't used the Multi-Channel Boost Retard Control PN 6562 with a 6al without the adapter which MSD supplied free of charge. (Thanks) But to no avail the box wouldn't even give a flashing light or link into the my computer. So now after many phone calls the 6252 goes back as a DOA.

Now I am told by MSD tech support why not just use the 8979 which is intended for the MSD 6 series. So I order another $380 box. Now the new one shows up and I wire accordingly. It flashes when cranking and I can link this box to my computer and program it. But it does not send a signal to fire the 6al. There is no spark. The light flashes which i guess indicates the mag pickup is sending a signal. (very little info in the manual for troubleshooting.

I can unhook the brown/white that goes to the white wire from my 6al and then replug my dist pickup into the 6al and the car fires.

Now do i send the 8979 back as another DOA box??



08-04-2003, 11:09 AM
Sorry about the experience, but since you already have the unit, the first thing to check is the input circuit of the MSD 6 Unit. To test this circuit, take and disconnect the coil wire from the distributor cap and lay 1/4 inch from ground. Turn the key to the "on" position, do not crank the engine, then take the white wire of the MSD Unit and touch to ground, every time you touch and release it should spark at the coil wire. Make sure that the mag pick up wires are disconnected. If there is no spark then the problem is the MSD 6 Unit input circuit. Check this and let me know.

08-04-2003, 05:32 PM
The 6al gets a spark when you ground the white wire. I also tried to jumper the mag pickup (purple and green) on the 6799 box with everything hooked. I got the red light but no spark.

Any suggestions

I wish i could get back the lost hours on messing with this problem.

08-04-2003, 06:01 PM
Now that we know that the input on the MSD 6 Unit is good, the next test will be shorting the mag input, which you already did, but the trick on this unit is that is has to see above 100 RPM in order to fire. The led light will flash which is normal, but if it does not see the RPM proper cranking RPM, it will not fire. The best way to test it is with an ignition tester, or you can try shorting the violet and green as fast as you can and see if there is spark. The other is to pull all the plugs on the motor, put a spark tester on the coil wire and crank the engine over and see if there is spark. By pulling all the plugs this will remove the load on the engine allowing it to spin faster. If this sparks then the problem is that the engine is not spinning fast enough for it to start. Let me know

08-04-2003, 09:10 PM
My engine is cranking plenty fast. It's only a 10.5 to 1 compression motor with a high torque mini starter.

It would fire at the touch of the button with the msd 6al only attached you could crank it all day with the 6799 attached. In fact your unit took half the life out of my starter.


I didn't want to spend every evening for a week trying to get this thing to work.

Do you have a product that works out of the box?

The rev plug wire was to far from to 6al so i had to splice the yellow wires. When i cut the orginal two yellow wires i notice that one just fell out of the metal pin that plugs into to rev chip location. Was this going to be another problem if i hadn't noticed it. Are the wires even connected correctly inside this unit??

Are these units tested at MSD?

Am i supposed to keep having units sent until one eventually works? :(

As of now I am planning to send this unit back as another DOA.

I do not plan at this time to purchase another MSD box as a replacement.

Do you guys have a better idea to solve this?

08-04-2003, 09:21 PM
How about you guys taking my 6al and my 6799 box back and send me a 7530 box that work as one unit.

Let me know


08-05-2003, 09:59 AM
Did you perform the test that I had recommended? Unfortunately we will not be able to exchange the units for you, if you want to return them you will have to go through the warehouse where you purchased your units and get your money back and purchase the 7530. You may want to ask them if they could do an exchange for you.

08-08-2003, 10:32 PM
This week i went to time my motor and my timing light wouldn't give me a accurate timing. It was shooting signals all over the place. It was showing my motor about 15-20 more advanced than was possible. Then I went to track last night with only 6al running car. Had recently changed carb and attributed missing to lean mixture. Made first pass of evening and down on power slightly but smooth run. Went to get time slip and car stalls. (no spark) Get a push into pit and check distributor and see nothing wrong and after a few minutes the car fires like nothing is wrong.

I run second pass and way down on power and starts missing BAD in the lights. I almost don't make it back the return road with all kinds of poppng and backfiring. I shut the car down to check it and it refused to refire with no spark. Then after a 30 minute cooldown it starts right up.

I have a accel billet proof distrubitor with a magnetic pickup. I think it has a bug that makes it fail after it gets warm. I ordered a new MSD Pro billet distributor. This will make all the parts in my ignition new msd. Could the new Blaster 3 coil be a possible problem?

I am planning to give the 8979 box another try when the new distributor gets here.

Keep you posted.


08-11-2003, 01:56 PM
The Blaster Coil will either fire or not, unless it is arcing but you should be able to see the arcing going on. It could of being caused by the distributor. Give the timing control another shot with the new distributor in place and let me know.

08-13-2003, 06:33 AM
I installed the new Pro-Billet Chevrolet, PN 85551. And hooked it to the reinstalled 8799 timing control unit. I turned the key on and downloaded the correct settings to the unit.

I tried cranking the motor over and no spark??? I did see the light flashing on the 8799 unit when i cranked the motor over but it flashed slower than when i had the previous distributor installed.

I then unhooked the white wire from the 6al that goes to the brown and white on the 8799 unit and then rehooked the purple and green wire from the distributor to the 6al mag pickup input and the car started right up.

All parts now are new MSD. It has been expensive and i spent many hours trying to get one of these timing units going and still an not much farther along than when i started.

I guess it is time to send it back? Unless you have any other suggestions.

Pro-Billet Chevrolet, PN 85551 Is a really nice distributor by the way with really great installation directions on setting timing curves etc.


08-18-2003, 10:11 AM
If it still didn't start, then I would recommend to send it in for testing, the led is a good indication that it is receiving a signal.