View Full Version : MSD Distributor

08-03-2003, 08:53 PM
I'm running a Chevrolet MSD Billet Distributor in my 406cid chevy smallblock bracket car making over 625hp. The distributor has been locked out at 38 degrees total timing. The problem I'm having is between 3800-4500 rpm's the engine seems to break up sounding like a lean condition. I know the engine is not leaning out because I've jetted up to the max and the condition is still their. after 4500 rpm's, the engine seems to come back to life. I was told it could be spark scatter. I'm running a bronze gear which is new this year with the 6AL box and Blaster coil. Should their be any play on the rotor after the unit has been locked out? I see where MSD, offers a .006 distributor gear #8472. Will that take out some of the play on the rotor to stop the spark scatter if that is the problem? and if not, what is the fix or the problem I am having? Wires and plugs are ok!

08-04-2003, 10:48 AM
I would recommend checking the gear; it will have some play, but should not be excessive. If you have a small diameter cap, it could be a possibility of spark scatter, but you should be able to see the signs of spark scatter inside the cap. They show up as carbon track lines inside the cap. If it would be ignition related it would be through out the RPM band.