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05-02-2012, 08:54 PM
To say I was disappointed with your help on a problem we had with a repaired MSD unit which had been repaired by an authorised MSD dealer would be an understatement. :thumbdown:

This unit only fails under load and/or in its application. It will not fail on a MSD single channel Ignition testing unit.

We use a total MSD Ignition system. Distributor, Leads, and Coil. Spark plugs are Autolite Racing Plugs set at 0.035".

Surely MSD must know what internal part/parts of this unit would fail and cause a total loss of ignition and or backfiring just before total ignition shutdown. Then be able to restart motor in less than 60 seconds only to do the same thing again and again.
Upon a visual inspection of the units internal components there are no signs of any catostrophic failures.

Maybe after using the MSD Brand for nearly 40 odd years it is time to look towards another Manufacturer who will better support their products. :sad: and :confused1: