View Full Version : Problems with several new MSD Brains (00-00-2530)

03-13-2012, 06:17 AM
I have not received a reply from anyone at MSD regarding this problem in the last 4 or so days, so I thought I would try here...

Hi guys,

I've installed probably 10 of these total loss systems over the last few years, and never had a single problem. I have attempted to install 2 brand new systems in two new ski's recently, and both brains show similar/same problems.

Please note everything is brand new, I mean everything from top to bottom including the hulls themselves.

After installing as per MSD instructions as always, I find that I can only get an output through the brown channel wire. There is nothing coming from the orange or the yellow.

I can statically time the engine using timing mode, so both pickups are working correctly, and the air gap is set to spec. After checking over everything, I pull the pickup harness apart and short the pickup wires. I get spark on the brown channel. I do the same on the yellow which is connected through to the other coil, and I get nothing. So, I plug the orange wire channel in place of the yellow, still no spark on either of these two channels. For testing purposes, I plug the brown channel into the other coil, short the pickup wires, and I then get spark, so I can safely say that both coils are working correctly. When I am shorting the yellow and orange going into the ignition, the led lights up showing that it is indeed receiving the signal (albeit as a short). The only thing I can come up with here is that only the brown channel has output from the brain.

The other brain I have here from the other ski would appear to be doing the same thing, although I am not getting any output from any of the three channels.

What should I do here? I have two brand new ski's, with two brand new ignitions that I cannot use.



03-13-2012, 11:27 AM
From what you have told us it sounds like you have two dead channels. Can you please email me your shipping information so we can issue a RMA number to get then units tested. Sorry for the inconvenience. My email address is rcorral@msdpowersports.com

Thank you
Ray C.