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Lately there’s been a good amount of inquiries about using the PowerGrid with a Digital Programmable 7 or replacing it entirely. There also seems to be some confusion concerning using PowerGrid to the Digital 7 as far as what data will push through, and the use of our PN 7789 adapter harness. This thread will address most of the questions and concerns floating around right now.

Starting off, with the most straight forward part of this subject; which would be the wiring, there are several questions that need to be answered. The PN 7789 is used only when the PowerGrid (Red Box) and the Ignition box (Black Box) are replacing the Programmable Digital 7 (Gold Box) completely. This allows for adopting the PowerGrid into the existing installation as a matter of a simple plug and play action. The PN 7789 harness won’t adapt the PowerGrid (Red box) to the Programmable Digital 7 (Gold box). Check out the diagrams included in this thread for further explanation.

PowerGrid to MSD Programmable Digital 7-

PowerGrid with PowerGrid Ignition replacing MSD Programmable Digital 7-

The next part of this discussion that needs to be addressed will be the data acquisition between the two units. The PowerGrid will not record any data from the 7531 and vice versa. What this means is none of the active retards, active rev-limits, etc… from the 7531 will record on the PowerGrid. This is also true for the 7531 recording any data from the PowerGrid. There is no way to compare data from the PowerGrid with data from the 7531 as they both use different software. The Data from the PowerGrid saves onto the hard drive as a “.DQI” file; whereas, the 7531 file saves onto the hard drive as a .ACQ file. The two files are not compatible and cannot be opened with the anything but the software they were originally designed to be used with. This also means the PowerGrid will not output anything from the 7531 to Racepak.

When the PowerGrid is being run through the 7531, only the rev-limiters from the 7531 will work. There is no way to incorporate any of the rev-limiting functions of the PowerGrid to the 7531, since the 7531 doesn’t have any input functions concerning a rev-limiter from another unit.

None of the ignition files from the 7531 GraphView (.IGN) can be imported into the PowerGrid MSD View Software since it is a different file format as well (.MMF). What this means is you will have to program the PowerGrid files from scratch. You cannot store multiple .MFF files on the Micro SD card either, and access them at random. To simplify that statement, a laptop will have to be connected to the PowerGrid in order to make any changes to the timing curves on the PowerGrid.

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