View Full Version : MSD DIS-4 for 2000 Grand AM GT

08-01-2003, 11:35 AM
Hi there!!!

Well Today I sent you a fax about my installation of msd dis-4 on my grand am gt. My name is Marco Garcia from Del Rio, Texas. Please help me! I also bought three interface modules with black and white wires. I installed it yesterday and they car will only crank bit it wont start, I unplugged it from the box and installed the by pass and the car started. I also grounded the voilet wire and sealed the brown/violet which are not used. conencted heavy black and red to battery and the blue and brown next to the box are grounded. Please help me. I just finished intalling my nos setup and I want to use it with my msd box. Tomorrow I'm going to San Antonio, Texas to refill my bottle for the first time, So right now i'm at work and I dont come back until monday back to work. I will appreciate if you help ASAP. So if dont get my msd box to work, i wont be going to San Antonio untul I get it to work.

Marco :(

08-03-2003, 07:52 PM
The vehicle will not start if the brown wire is grounded. Remove the Blue and Brown wire from the ground and try starting it again. The blue wire should only be ground when you want the Two Step function to be activated. The Brown wire is an ignition kill wire that will prevent the ignition from firing as long as it is grounded.

MSD Tech1