View Full Version : 8728 MSD soft touch rev control tester??

12-15-2010, 09:29 PM
Copy of email sent to MSD tech line on 11-29-10, with no answer.
I was just wondering if you guys have ever thought of making a testing unit for the #8728 rev-control box? I work at alot of IMCA race tracks, and we always talk about having a tester, similar to the one I've used to test your standard MSD ignition boxes, but different.
What we would like is something we could use to test the racers MSD #8728 rev-control box for legality. All of these boxes are used with a standard GM HEI distributor, never with a MSD ignition box. We would have the racer remove their MSD #8728 box, then plug in the tester with their rpm chip to make sure the box will stop at 6200 rpm per the IMCA rules.
I don't think there has been any issues with the HEI distributors being modified, just the #8728 box being modified. The information we are getting is that a delay timer or some jumper wires are being put inside the #8728 rev control box, so it will let the motor rev higher than allowed per the rules, during the race.
We can also mandate a spec plug-in or we can just alligator clip the tester wires to the MSD rev box to test it after removal.
The racers are getting smarter all of the time with the electronics, so we need a tester to try and keep up with these guys if possible.
Is this something MSD would be interested in manufacturing a small quality of, or maybe sell to the public, not just tech guys?

12-17-2010, 10:20 AM
please call in ...915-857-5200 ext 2739 and talk to phil on this subject.:001_smil:001_smile: