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07-28-2003, 12:22 PM
Good afternoon,

My name is Scott Goodman. I just recently sent back for repair and recieved back my Start/Retard box from MSD.

The problem is, that it still won't start when the start/retard box is hooked up(same problem I sent it in for).

The system is: MSD Pro Billet distributor, MSD Plug wires, MSD 6al box, a new MSD SS coil, and a MSD Two Step.

When the car is hooked up through the 6al, it starts and works fine.
When you hook up the start/retard box, it just cranks and does not fire. (With the box hooked in and the coil wire removed and hooked to a spark plug, when you first crank it, it has a good spark, then just barley has a blue light at the plug.)

Also another problem I am having: When I go to use the Two Step with a 3000 chip in it, as long as you just go to about 3500 and engage it, all is good, if you try to engage it and floor the car it back fires and carries on terrible.

07-28-2003, 03:45 PM
If you have the PN 8982 Start Retard Control and are testing for spark while cranking, and you do have spark, then it is working. It may be that you are retarding too much at start up. Make sure that you do not have any mechanical advance on the distributor and that it is locked out. Also the start retard has 2 options a 10 degree or 25 degree, depending on the amount of the total timing make sure it is not too much timing you are trying to retard. Check polarity on the mag pick up from the distributor, make sure that the org/blk goes to the violet on the timing control and vio/blk goes to the green on the timing control. This could also cause rough limiting. Make sure that the single stage of retard, which is the gray wire, is either grounded or a zero degree chip installed.

08-13-2003, 03:32 PM
Good day MSD tech 2,

I have checked all the wires and they are hooked up the way you said to have them. And with the start/retard box hooked up the motor cranks and will not fire. When you disconnect the box, un-hook the white wire and re-connect the two-wire plug to the distributor it fires.

The two-step still does not work correctly. The whole system except for the 6-AL box is new: MSD Pro-Billet distributor, MSD plug wires, SS coil, two-step and start/retard box (which I sent back to have looked at and you guy's "repaired" it and returned it and still doesn't start)

When you use the two-step, if you have a 3000 rpm chip installed, as long as you stay around 3500, it stutters correctly, if you floor it and engage the two-step it shuts off, back fires and carries on.

I originally thought that the coil was weak, therefore not carrying enough reserve to run with the two-step, so I bought a new SS coil, and it is still the same?

Where do I go from here? As long as I am just using the 6-AL by itself the motor works fine, with the start/retard box it will not start, or with just the 2-step it hooked up doesn't work correctly.

08-18-2003, 10:07 AM
The last test that I can recommend is to pull the plugs on the motor and then disconnect the coil wire from the distributor cap and lay close to a ground, install the timing control as recommended and make sure that there is 12 volts when cranking on the small red wire. Without the plugs in the motor it will allow to spin at a faster RPM, if you get spark this will indicate the motor does not spin fast enough with the plugs in place. If you still do not have spark then there is a problem with the unit.
On the RPM limiting, install the 3000 Chip on the unit and see if it catches at 3000 RPM, if it does then there will be a problem with the 2 step. If there were a problem with both units, I would recommend sending them in for repair.