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pony express
09-10-2009, 07:03 PM
I have a 67 Mustang with a stroked Genisis 427 (484 ci) it has pro ported eldebrock heads ,manifold and a custom Quick Fuel Q950 I think I made a mistake by using a Hydralic roller set up I am running out of valve train at 5800 RPM my question is several pros have told me that I can gain a substantial hp increase and 800 or so rpms by just changing the lifters to mechanical rollers and not changing the cam these guys say I may need to change push rods to get the right length. I have roller rockers ect and the springs are very stiff roller set ups. Does enyone have any experience with this? Thanks

09-11-2009, 09:11 AM
Guess it depends on what you want to do. Going to a mechanical cam will require you to be adjusting the valves every so hundred miles, definitely will be harder on the valvetrain. Maybe you have too much spring for your hydralic lifters? Depending on what you do, its more than likely you will need new pushrod length. I know the NMRA renegade class uses stock ford hydralic lifters and they rev it up to 8K, running mid 8s so, it is possible to stick to a hydralic, just need the matching springs i would imagine. Thats my thoughts on the matter at least.

MSD Admin

pony express
09-20-2009, 05:40 PM
I know they turn small block hydralics to lots of rpms but I am working with a FE (427 side oiler) and I am getting info that says the FE lifters are heaver. The cam and kit I am using is a Crane set up and the card says 5800 best power 6000 max and 6200 valve float. I will admit that it has awsome torque (pushing 700 ft/lbs at 2600) butthis car is running a PAW AOD transmission with a 4.10 Locker and a 2200 convertor so it runs out of revs at less speed that I would like. I have tried a 3.70 locker which works well but it blows the tires off when starting ( I quess this sounds nuts but I get better 60 ft times with the 4.10 becase it does not spin as much as the 3.70 I think the 3.70 hits the tires with to much rpm of the line) my thought was that the mechanical lifters would loose some of the low end torque and give me back some on top.The FEs are coming back now that you can get new blocks but I still haven't found many people williling to share info. Thanks for any help, Pony Express P.S. I realize I will most likely need new length push rods