View Full Version : 6AL Problem?

07-27-2003, 12:49 PM
I have run a 6AL in my Cobra replica for about 18 months with no problems. This past weekend, I ran my first track day at TMS. In the last couple of minutes of the first 30 minute session, my car sputtered going into turn 3, cleared out and then quit completely in turn 4 (At about 110mph). I coasted into the pits, the car wouldn't restart, but would "Hit" about 3 times, then not fire. With the coil wire disconnected, the spark looked good. After checking all that I could think of, someone suggested replacing the rpm limit chip. So I did that. The car restarted and ran fine. During the second 30 minute session, the Cobra ran great for about 25 minutes, and then started misfiring above 4500 rpm, so I came into the pits and loaded it up. The MSD is mounted on the inner fender well. I am using a Blaster SS coil and a ford Duraspark distributor with the 6AL on my 351 Cleveland. The car runs fine on the street, in traffic, at the dragstrip, etc. Is my problem probably heat related? I realize that running at top speeds in 99 degree heat is pretty extreme. I believe I will mount the 6AL under the dash, but would like to know, if I send the unit to you, can you test it and see if it is possibly damaged? Is there another MSD model better suited to my application? I can't use the MSD distributor because the cap (And the large Duraspark cap for that matter) interferes with my dual quad carb setup, so I am running a standard Ford cap and rotor.

07-28-2003, 10:59 AM
It sounds like a heat related issue, what I would recommend is to run the engine till it shuts down and then diagnose the problem, but testing our unit and coil. If you go to our website you will find a section under Tech Support and go to troubleshooting, this shows how to troubleshoot an MSD Unit, by checking for spark, but this has to be done when the engine does not want to fire. The items that could cause this problems, could be the MSD unit, coil or even the magnetic pick up in the distributor. So the only way to find out is to run the engine till it acts up then do the test. You may want to move the unit to see if it helps, but if the situation continues, you may have to do the troubleshooting.