View Full Version : What is a DIGITAL ignition, REALLY?

07-26-2003, 03:44 PM
Folks, I am not a racer. I'm just looking for a good ignition to maximize fuel burning, make my car a bit snappier in accelleration and maybe get a little extra gas mileage to boot. 4 cylinder 940 Volvo - non-turbo. It doesn't get your heart pounding, but will a multiple spark ignition improve operation?
After all the ad copy, I still don't know what a digital ignition is, except of course that it has a microprocessor on board. Does the Digital 6 Plus deliver a "better" or "hotter" series of sparks than the MSD 6A unit? Aside from doing rev limiting are these two units equivalent in providing an efficient spark? If I install a Digital 6 Plus in my 4 cylinder Volvo, am I going to smoke the distributor and plugs? Will the MSD 6A and Digital 6 Plus accept the stock crank trigger signal?

Thanks for your assistance!

07-28-2003, 04:45 PM
The MSD Digital 6 Ignition has a spark output of 135 milliJoules per spark where as the MSD 6A produces 105-115 milliJoules. The spark output on both of these units is enough to improve the starting and idle characteristics of your engine and improve the throttle response. The main difference between the MSD 6A and the Digital 6 Ignition is the additional features of the Digital unit. With the Digital 6 you get 2 stages of rev limiting and a single stage of retard for nitrous. With the help of the processor, the limiting and the timing will be more accurate. It could also produce more power with less current draw by incorporating the IGBT coil driver. So the unit is more effecient over the analog unit.

MSD Tech 1