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07-23-2003, 03:00 PM
I have an MSD 6A, Pro Billit 8361 distributor ready to put on a '71 nova. I have a 350 block, 268H comp cam, 650 holley mechanical secondaries, performer air gap intake, 1.625" super comp headers with 2.02-1.60 iron heads and it is an everyday driver. Do you have a suggested total advance for my set up and how much initial and mechanical advance I should have? I heard that about 34 degrees total is best for my application. In finding the total advance, do I add the vacuum advance degrees along with the initial and mechanical? Is it a good idea to install a crane cams adjustable vacuum canister to my msd or should I just leave it alone? Also, how many degrees do I add for the vacuum advance if I need it to figure out total advance (I heard from 10 to 20 degrees)? I haven't installed any of the msd goodies yet but I have installed the silver bushing and one light silver and one light blue spring on the msd distributor, is this a good starting point for my application?

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07-23-2003, 03:44 PM
The timing curve will have to be on trial and error basis, you will have to try different combinations to see where the engine will respond best. The springs will allow the rate of advance to come in and the bushings is to allow how much total timing you want. Every engine is different and will respond different. The MSD vacuum advance that is supplied with the distributor has 16 degrees of advance.