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Awards, Wins and Championships Adorn Kroyer's Walls

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As the end of 2013 approached, teams and drivers were already planning on the 2014 racing season. Kroyer Racing Engines was however still accepting awards for their above and beyond work and results in 2013. 


Kevin Kroyer and father, Fritz Kroyer split the duties to accept two prestigious awards on different sides of the country. Kevin made the long flight to the 2013 PRI Show in Indianapolis where he was named the 2013 Performance Engine Builder of the Year by Engine Builder Magazine. A feature of KRE and the KRE Shop will be featured in an upcoming issue of Engine Builder Magazine.   


Fritz Kroyer traveled to Southern California where he attended the SCORE Awards and accepted The Manufacture Point Winner Award. "We are more than thrilled here at KRE in the results that our clients brought us in 2013. Without them and our hard working team at the shop, these awards would not be possible."  - Kevin Kroyer 

There are a total of 52 weekends in the 2013 calendar year. Kroyer spent 22 of those weekends at the races. The heat, wind and rain never held Kevin and his crew back from making sure that his clients got their attention when they needed it the most, the day of the race.

"We've never used anyone else. Kroyer just gets it done and backs it up with awesome track support." - Sean Hodgdon, Jeff Carpenter Racing Inc Crew Chief

Every race weekend you could find Kevin and Jeremy Matson under the hood of a truck or utv making sure that those Kroyer Racing Engines are finely tuned and prepared for the race that laid ahead. From 16 laps in a short course race to a 900 mile race in the Baja desert, those engines have to power through. So what makes KRE stand out from the rest? We asked our clients and this is what they had to say.

"Horsepower helps win races and reliability helps win championships, Kroyer Racing Engines delivers both" - Jason Voss

"The 24/7 service that we get from Kevin and the entire team at KRE is unmatched with their full service drivetrain package." - Pete Mortensen TT #70 Crew Chief

" I can honestly say that the success that our team has had over the years would have never been possible without Kroyer Racing Engines. KRE has been powering BJ's trucks from day one, through all of our championships and wins." - Johnny Nelson TT #1 Crew Chief

Carl Renezeder, BJ Baldwin, Matt Parks, Cody Parkhouse, Jon Walker and Jason Voss all celebrated their championship wins in the past few months. Drivers, crews and even family members all work hard throughout the entire season to claim the #1 title in their class.

Carl won 7 Pro-4 races in a row in the Lucas Oil Series. He set the pace for the entire year early on and from there, it goes without saying, he never looked back. Carl charged forward and claimed the LOORRS Pro 4 Championship in Vegas, with still one race weekend to go.

BJ Baldwin and co-driver, Johnny Nelson set off into the scenic Baja Desert for the 45th Baja 1000 in November. The 900+ mile race had its demons for numerous teams, but it would be the Las Vegas based team that would not only Ironman the race, they would win and have a nice surprise at the finish line when they learned that they picked up the SCORE TT Championship as well.

Matt Parks has ran away with 2 wins this year in the #1932 Pro UTV. Parks and others fought hard to bring the UTV class to SCORE and in their first year doing so, Parks won the SCORE Pro UTV Championship and made the fight worth the while. - Photo provided by UTV Underground

Cody Parkhouse drove smart all year long to be sure and return in 2014 with the #1 Class 1 plate. Two years as the Class 1 Champion has this driver ready to go for a third one in 2014. Along with the SCORE Championship, he also claimed the SCORE/HDRA World Championship  - Photo provided by GetSomePhoto

Jon Walker earned his 2013 BITD Class 1500 Championship by proving that he can finish with the top competition. It isn't always about winning every race to get the championship, sometimes it is about just finishing the race. With one 5th place finish, two 3rd place finishes and two 2nd places, Jon and his team did just that.

Jason Voss put himself in a great position for a championship early on in the year. Winning Vegas to Reno and Parker 425 gave him the points lead that he needed going into the last race of the year, Henderson 250. Voss finished the race and is now the 2013 BITD TT Champion.

Kroyer Racing Engines would like to congratulate all of their teams on a successful year and they are looking forward to what 2014 will have to offer!

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