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MORE2009 Powder Puff Desert Race
Barstow, California

October 10, 2009

Ok, if you’re a desert rat you’ll get what I’m talking about…if not, check it out – here’s a crash course! Desert racing is a completely different sport from your pavement races and dirt track events. Most think Baja now for longer races, mostly due to BLM and land issues.

There are still some US desert races that run a longer race loop such as SCORE’s Primm 300 and BitD’s mega-sweet Parker & Vegas to Reno events in Nevada and Arizona. But, travel and entry fees are much on everyone’s minds going racing.

As today’s economy has dictated where racers go race – long time “smaller” promoters like MORE, MDR, SNORE have continued to see good car counts and are absolutely great venues for good old fashioned, grassroots racing. Following the “best bang for your buck” idea, these are the events you need to try!

This year’s MORE Powder Puff race is an excellent example. With a sea of pink crew shirts and race car paint schemes excited ladies only drivers and co-riders showed up in anything and everything they could borrow, beg or…well, you know just to make the race.

Very much a family affair, off-roaders have always had a big heart and love their sport. Benefiting the Cedar Sinai Women’s Cancer Research Center - moms, sisters and daughters wore the fire suits, helmets and gloves today. The guys did the crewing duties for the weekend!

MORE Powder Puff 098
Tons of excitement during Staging

MORE Powder Puff 015
Profile of a 1600 Race Buggy

MORE Powder Puff 034
Remember Baja Bugs? They’re alive and well!

MORE Powder Puff 076
Vintage racer, but it’s all in having fun

MORE Powder Puff 090
Great Light Covers!

MORE Powder Puff 118
Trust me…we have suspension

MORE Powder Puff 063
For those unfamiliar with desert racing, here’s how the pre-runner craze first started!

MORE Powder Puff 037
You don’t see these Pit Boards in NASCAR!

MORE Powder Puff 067
More VW Baja’s

MORE Powder Puff 108
This is not Vintage

MORE Powder Puff 071
Old school racers out there – Pit Sign or Skid Plate??? (oh yeah, great decal placement!)

Who says UTV’s are for hunting?

MORE Powder Puff 181
No fair! Windows up means A/C on!!!

MORE Powder Puff 143
On the other spectrum, Class 11 is as LIMITED as you get…stock everything! But, they finished and are all smiles – congrats!

MORE Powder Puff 193
How did those get on the bumper???

MORE Powder Puff 169
Who’s catching who?

MORE Powder Puff 316
Time to cruise the desert! Bring 4 of your best friends…

MORE Powder Puff 305
Finishing is half the battle, isn’t it?

MORE Powder Puff 279
This is not a pre-runner.

MORE Powder Puff 107
 *** Special thanks to everyone at Jefferies Racing. I had a great time, thanks for the hospitality! ***

MORE Powder Puff 296
Even with some down time on their 3rd lap, Mindy and Jenna finished 9th out of 20 in class. The truck looked good!

MORE Powder Puff 315
So Jenna, what happened?


Did I mention fun for the whole family? After the girls took the finish flag, cool mom Mindy tends to her next generation racer…

Wanna read more? Check out

See you at the races!

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