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Get Mallory Warranty Information HereMSD will continue to offer the Mallory fuel products by transitioning to the MSD brand of products. Additionally, MSD will offer the repair of Mallory products and will honor all existing warranties. Beginning April 1, all Customer Service or Technical calls will be routed to El Paso through our toll free number, 888-673-7859. Click here for more information.

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DynaForce Starters Alternators
Introducing the new line of Starters and Alternators from MSD! The Dynaforce Starter has a 3.4 horsepower motor and 4.4:1 gear reduction to easily turn over high compression engines. With its downsized housing and adjustable billet mounting block, installation is easy. MSD knows what it takes to power up your engine. WIth the Dynaforce Alternator, MSD has you covered! The 120 or 160 amp one-wire alternator is designed for extreme output at higher rpm while still balancing the current output to keep your electronic components up to speed during idle. Now Available for Street and Race Applications. 

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