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A Letter from MSD President, Russell Stephens

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March 7, 2012

Re: Atomic EFI Availability

Dear Atomic EFI Customer:

I would like to thank all of our current and future customers for the overwhelming interest and positive response to our new MSD Atomic EFI system. From the start, our goal was to deliver an electronic fuel injection system that reduced wiring, was the easiest to install, increased horsepower, looked great under the hood and gave you the performance benefits of electronic fuel injection. When we finished the development and all the testing, we knew we had accomplished our goal. We also were optimistic that enthusiasts like you would recognize the benefits and buy the Atomic.

Well, the last two months have shown we were right about both the quality of the product and that the market would want it. However, we underestimated how many customers would want to buy the Atomic EFI as soon as it was introduced. The acceptance by the market for the Atomic EFI has been unbelievable and exceeded our wildest expectations. Even though we have continued to increase our shipping of Atomic EFI systems every week since mid-January, orders continue to significantly outpace our original planned capacity, which has resulted in customers having to wait to get their Atomic EFI system.

The MSD team has been working overtime to increase production and we’ve taken the following actions to catch up on the Atomic orders:

• Expediting delivery of all system materials

• Tripling production capacity by adding people, second shifts and overtime

• Setting up a second dyno team (every system is tested on an engine dyno)

Our goal is to be current with orders by mid-April unless we have material delays or new orders continue to exceed our adjusted forecast. I apologize to you for having to wait for your Atomic EFI system but I know the first time you start your engine with the Atomic, you will realize it was worth the wait. In addition, MSD is also extending the free MSD 6A promotion through the end of May to ensure everyone that orders an Atomic EFI system by May 31, 2012 won’t miss out on this great offer.

Thank you again for your interest in the Atomic EFI and your support of MSD.

Best Regards,                                    
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Russell Stephens


i have been waiting for this since 1 1 12 dont know how much longer my costumer is going to wait looks like a great product atended clas on this given by ed monte clas was very good but could not tell me when i will get product
Posted by: richard sarmento at 3/26/2012 10:31 AM

Got the EFI but not the ignition box.
Posted by: AMW( Visit ) at 4/17/2012 2:44 PM

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