Footbrake Spool Limiter


Footbrake Spool Limiter



This diagram illustrates wiring up the 7531 to use the Spool Limiter through the foot brake. This diagram allows for use of the line lock, foot brake, and transbrake without these parts interfering with each other.


This diagram will call for (3) 100V 1A diodes, (1) SPDT relay, and (2) momentary push buttons. The following illustration demonstrates the part of the Data Editor in which changes will be made.


When the vehicle is wired up in this manner, the rev-limiters will be used in a different order of which they are labeled. The Spool is going to be used as the Burn out limiter.  The RevBurn will be used as the Spool limiter. The RevLaunch will still be used as the launch limiter.

Limiters reconfigured 

The Diagram shows that when the Line Lock button is engaged the Spool limit (burn out limit) will be engaged. Then when the footbrake is depressed the RevBurn limit (Spool limit) will be engaged. In the event that the footbrake is depressed when the Transbrake is engaged, the relay will open the circuit between the footbrake and the 7531 disengaging the the RevBurn limiter (spool limit) and will engage the Launch limit.