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RPM Timing Controls

Boost Timing Master for use with MSD Ignition Control

Part No. 8762

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  • Adjust the timing from the driver’s seat.
  • Easily connects to your MSD Ignition.
  • New feature allows you to set a boost pressure point to start the retard!
The Boost Timing Masters allow you to adjust the amount of ignition retard from 1° per pound of boost to 3° per pound via a control knob that you mount on the dashboard. This way you can make adjustments on the fly to prevent detonation as fuel quality or altitude and air quality changes up to a maximum of 15° retard. You can also set a boost pressure point to start the retard. There is a boost pressure port to connect to your manifold and the BTM wires easily to the MSD Ignition Control.
Must use an MSD Ignition Control
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